Visual assets requirements

We promote games in our client, on our website and on social media to help make sure they get all the playtime and attention they deserve. We also want to make sure that the service and experience we offer is of the highest possible quality. Our design team will use your assets to create images fit for our platform and promotional outings.

Asset checklist

These assets are required to integrate your game(s) in the Utomik platform. By sending us your assets, you allow us to use them for marketing and communication purposes in our own media and in advertisements.

Note: We strongly recommend you to submit your most up-to-date art assets at least 14 days prior to the release of your game on Utomik. We strive to update your assets as timely as possible. However, for the update requests that are submitted later than 14 days prior, we cannot guarantee to be able to process them in time for the release.


Integration of your game(s) is not possible if any of the must-have assets are missing.

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Nice-to-have assets are essential for additional promotion and professional representation of your game(s) in Utomik’s own media (website, email, social & PR)

Assets for platform integration

These assets are needed for the Utomik platform and our own website.

It's important that they don't have any references to other platforms, such as Steam, GoG, Humble, XBox, Playstation, or Switch.

Box images (required for integration)

This image shows up in the Utomik app and on the Utomik website as a search result for your game. The logo of your game needs to be visible. It should be stripped of references to other platforms (such as inserting a Playstation box art or an XBox logo). Age ratings and other logos should also be removed.

1442x2030 px (Box Image)
1440x1080 px (Box Image Horizontal)
270x380 px (Box Image Small)
288x288 px (Box Image Square)
File name:
.psd / .jpg / .png

Feature images (required for integration)

These images come in 4 sizes, and are used exclusively inside of the Utomik app. When featuring games in our carousel, some of these images will be shown depending on the screen size of the player. We recommend using the same design for all 4. No logos should be visible here. Important aspects should be vertically centered, as the bottom and top may get cut off slightly depending on the screen size.

900x720 px (Deluxe)
500x500 px (Square)
300x600 px (Vertical)
1600x500 px (Horizontal)
File name:
.psd / .jpg / .png

Screenshots (required for integration)

We ask you to send us a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 screenshots to be included that give us a good idea of your game as a whole. These will be shown on the Utomik website and on our platform in a carousel. No logo should be visible.

1280x720 px
File name:
.psd / .jpg / .png

Background Short (required for integration)

This clip will be used on our website to give a short but solid impression of your game.

The clip should have:
- Audio just like a trailer would
- Representative gameplay
- Something unique about the game
- Cutscene/story beats when applicable
- Keep your focus/content centered

~30 sec
Around 50mb, ideally less or as small as possible without quality loss
File name:
.mp4, H2.64

Marketing & key art

These assets are required for marketing purposes.

Key art (required for integration)

High-quality key art is extremely useful to promote your game on social media. We'd love to attract extra attention to the fact that your game is on Utomik, so please provide any digital art that you have and would like us to use.

As big as possible

Promotional images

Have you already made cool art for Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? We'd love to re-use it. Whether it's a serious ad for your game or just a funny meme or promo, we'll use it to both of our advantages on our own channels.

Additionally, we will provide these images to our partners (3rd parties), who can use the art to advertise their cooperation with
Utomik in their own channels. That way, only approved promotional images by your own hand will be used to draw attention to your game being available on Utomik.

As big as possible

Text & content

We tell our users about your game to help them find the content they love to play on our platform and on our website. If you already have a Steam page, we use the information that's there to fill our own media as well.

If you don't have a Steam page, or it doesn't contain much writing, we'd like to invite you to send us the content you feel we should know about and communicate to our users. It will reflect well on your game if the descriptions, USPs and other appealing facts are clear.

Text & content

Game description (required for integration) - What is your game about? What is the gameplay like?
Game USPs - What is unique or stands out about your game? Be concise and limit it to a few bullet points.
Short and long marketing description - Tell the world why they should really play your game. Your short description should be 2-3 sentences.
Target audience - Who do you think would like to play your game? Descriptions such as people who like metroidvania is just as valid as women under 40. Any insight you can provide will help us market your game better.
Genre description - What genre(s) does your game belong to?
Reviews (press/PR and gamers) - Did you get a high rating or have you won a prize for your game? Or did you get overwhelmed by positive reviews somewhere? Please let us know.
Social media channels - What are the official social media accounts for both developer and publisher? Maybe your game has its own social media accounts too? We use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and would appreciate knowing the accounts for all of them, so we can tag you and give credit where credit is due.
File name:
Text file / Google docs / .doc