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Utomik Cloud Free Weekend

16th, 17th, and 18th December 2022 GMT

Thank you for joining the Utomik Cloud Free Weekend. We hope you enjoyed the experience and we look forward to seeing you at Utomik.

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What is the Utomik Cloud Free Weekend?

To celebrate the final launch of Utomik Cloud, we are having a free weekend so people can discover and play amazing games on their Android devices, TVs, and PC!

During the weekend of December 16-18, you can sign up for the Utomik Cloud Free Weekend and immediately start playing. No payment details, no further steps; it is as simple as that.


Samsung and LG TVs

Play 100+ games on your TV! No console needed.

Tablet and phone

Android Devices

Play 200+ games on your Android device.



Play 1400+ games on your PC.

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Games available

On top of the 100+ TV games, 200+ Android games, and 1400+ PC games that are already available, we are releasing five amazing cloud games during the event and five more fantastic games after the weekend!

Cloud releases during UCFW (December 16th) include:



RiME is an enigmatic puzzle adventure that will sweep you away to a distant world. With a little help along the way from the cutest little fox—yes, you can pet it—you set out to explore an ancient island that is home to many mysteries and many creatures. You will need your brain and creativity to solve the guarded secrets.

Deliver Us The Moon

Deliver Us The Moon

Deliver Us The Moon is a sci-fi thriller of an adventure game, set in the not too distant future. With Earth's resources depleted, a lone astronaut is tasked with an important mission: save humanity from the brink of extinction. Is everything what it seems? Or will you embrace the dark abyss?



Haven is an adventure RPG that has received lots of praise for its main characters. Yu and Kay may have already found each other before, but a large part of the game is about how they interact and how they grow together. Different choices you make will influence the game, from wholesome moments with your partner at your ship, down to the game's multiple endings.

Rogue Lords

Rogue Lords

Evil masterminds are yours to command in Rogue Lords, where you’ll be playing the role of none other than the devil himself. Create devastating synergies and sow chaos and discord wherever the road may take you.

The Surge

The Surge

This is probably the roughest first day a newbie on the job could've possibly had. Welcome to Creo: the megacorporation saving the world. You wake up equipped with your exoskeleton in a destroyed section of the complex. In The Surge, everyone and everything is out to get you, so you'll have to loot to survive!

Cloud releases after UCFW (December 19th) include:



Wolfstride is a maturely immature RPG in which a trio of troublemakers somehow find themselves running away from their past and then running *through* a huge mech tournament. The soundtrack is an absolute banger, and both the art and pixel art are clean and stylishly monochrome, with bold lines.

Star Renegades

Star Renegades

If you knew that your dimension is in very real danger of being invaded by an opposing force, would you not jump straight into the action? In Star Renegades, you’ll have to work with the hints of a tiny robot ally to save the world. It's time to do whatever is in your power to stop impending doom from actually happening!

Night Call

Night Call

In this noir-themed visual novel, you don the coat of a late night cab driver in Paris. While Night Call may sound very relaxing, there is a serial killer on the move who left you for dead. In order to sniff them out, you’ll have to be attentive to the many lives and personalities that pass you by.

Reverie Knights Tactics

Reverie Knights Tactics

This stylish isometric RPG has quirky art, quirky characters, and lots of challenges. Because HP and mana are kept between battles, Reverie Knights Tactics requires you to be clever about when you heal, when you replay areas, and how you manage your team and their items.

Corpse Party

Corpse Party

The cult classic Corpse Party is a horror RPG with a charming anime-style, in which a group of students find themselves trapped on the flipside of their school. Who knew performing occult rituals has consequences? Now they’ll have to solve the murders that happened before them, unless they want to be next.

50% OFF Utomik Cloud subscription

When you are part of the Utomik Cloud Free Weekend (December 16-18, 2022), you are eligible to get a 50% OFF lifelong subscription after the event. 

Personal + Cloud
$ 8.99
$ 4.49
€ 4.49
£ 3.99
C$ 6.49
AU$ 6.99
NZ$ 6.49
31 DKK
44 SEK
44 NOK
S$ 6.49
Mex$ 82
per month
1 user
PC, TV, mobile
Family + Cloud
$ 11.99
$ 6.49
€ 6.49
£ 5.49
C$ 8.49
AU$ 9.99
NZ$ 8.49
45 DKK
64 SEK
64 NOK
S$ 9.99
Mex$ 119
per month
up to 4 users
PC, TV, mobile

Frequently asked questions

How can I get the 50% discount after the event?

If you sign up for the Utomik Cloud Free Weekend, we will send out an email with the offer after the event so you can get your 50% discount on your cloud subscription.

I am already a subscriber, am I eligible to participate in the Utomik Cloud Free Weekend?

If you already have a Utomik Cloud subscription, you cannot sign up for the free weekend, but you can invite your family and friends to join you and play the amazing games we are releasing for the occasion.

Can I use this promotion in combination with other promotions?

No. If you are part of another promotion from other partners, you cannot sign up for the Utomik Cloud Free Weekend.

I have a Utomik account but not a subscription, can I be part of the Utomik Cloud Free Weekend?

Yes. Users without an active subscription can also be part of the Utomik Cloud Free Weekend.

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Log in through this link if you live in a region where Utomik Cloud is not yet supported.

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