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How long does it take for our games to go live?

Due to the large amount of new game releases and to make sure PR and marketing can give your games all the attention they deserve, we plan our game releases 1 to 3 months ahead of time. Typically your game will be delivered to our QA testing team within 2 weeks, and it usually takes another 2 weeks for it to pass all our testing stages. Once the game is ready and approved it's added to our release queue. We will then decide on a suitable release date together with you.

Do we integrate ourselves?

Utomik handles the complete game integration for you. Simply send us the most recent build or installer of your game (no source code required) and we take care of the technical process. To make things even easier, this also works for Steam builds. In the rare case that issues do occur, our team will contact you for the best and quickest solution.

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