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Utomik Cloud

Play your favorite Utomik games anywhere with our latest cloud gaming technology.

Play on your favorite devices

No need for a console - just a controller, plug and play!


Seamless switching

Seamless switching between devices

Start playing a game on your PC and continue on your TV or Android device. Utomik Cloud lets you seamlessly switch between different devices.

New games monthly

New games added every month

Enjoy new games on Utomik Cloud every month! We’re working hard to release both new games and our older PC releases for cloud.

Instantly start playing

Instantly start playing

No need for downloading, installing, or a console. Instantly start streaming games and play from the cloud.


Enhanced quality and performance

With our new smart algorithms, the gaming stream will be adjusted dynamically to the user’s connection to ensure optimal video quality and minimal buffering.

Selection of games on cloud

and more games are added every month!

Current availability

Utomik Cloud is live in the following countries and will be expanding to more regions in the near future.

Utomik Cloud availability

Country list

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Flag Croatia
Flag Denmark
Flag France
Flag Germany
Flag Hungary
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Flag Italy
Flag Luxembourg
Flag Monaco
Flag Norway
Flag Poland
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San Marino
Flag Slovakia
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The Netherlands
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United Kingdom
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United States

What you need to get started:


A Utomik Cloud subscription

Either ‘Personal + Cloud’ or ‘Family + Cloud.’

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TV device

A compatible device

Any compatible Android mobile device or Samsung/LG TV.

See compatible devices

A compatible controller

Improve your experience with a compatible controller to connect to your TV or mobile devices.

See compatible controllers
Fast & stable internet

A stable connection

Ideally an internet connection that is 10Mbps or faster.

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Start your trial now

Ready to give subscription gaming a try? All subscriptions include a 14-day trial. Cancel anytime, no strings attached.

$ 6.99
per month
1 user
Personal + Cloud
$ 8.99
per month
1 user
PC, TV, mobile
Family + Cloud
$ 12.99
per month
up to 4 users
PC, TV, mobile
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Download Utomik and start playing

Windows PC

Download the Utomik app on your PC and start playing right away!

Download Utomik

Requires Windows 10 or a newer version of Windows.


Download Utomik Cloud from your TV’s app store or play it on Samsung Gaming Hub.

Samsung logoLG logo

Only available on select TV models. More information

Mobile device

Download the Utomik Cloud app on your Android phone or tablet.

Get it on Google Play

Available on Android 9 or up. More information

Frequently asked questions

What is cloud gaming?

The Utomik cloud gaming technology allows you to stream a select number of games from our PC library on your TV and on your Android devices. Play games on your TV without the need for a console. Someone else watching TV? Continue where you left off on PC or on your phone. Play on the device of your choice!*

*Utomik Cloud has different requirements from our PC app. The PC library is included in every subscription.

What games are available through Utomik Cloud?

Utomik Cloud currently features a selection of 100+ curated games from our PC game library that are suitable to play on TV and 200+ games for Android devices. This number will keep increasing as we test more games for compatibility. See all available games.

How do I subscribe to Utomik Cloud?

  1. Ensure Utomik is installed on your cloud-supported device.
    If you have the Samsung Gaming Hub, Utomik will be preinstalled. Otherwise, you may download the Utomik app directly.*
  2. Start the Utomik app and select 'Login' if you already have an account or 'Create an account if you are new to Utomik.
  3. Either use the QR code or use the provided URL and code to proceed.
    If you already have a Utomik subscription, logging in will ask you to upgrade your account. When you create an account, you will have the option to select a cloud account.

*Even if Samsung Gaming Hub is not available yet in your country, so long as Utomik Cloud is available you can still download our app. You can do this directly from the app store on your TV. Check out the full list of available countries here.

Why can’t I get a subscription for Utomik Cloud?

You may not be living in an area where we currently offer Utomik Cloud. More information on country availability here.

We are currently in the Early Access stage for Utomik Cloud and that means that the amount of spots available are limited every day. We have a system in place to limit the amount of new subscriptions that come in at any given time; we do this to ensure that existing users can continue to have a stable connection to our servers. We are working hard to add more servers to accommodate everyone in the best possible way.  

When are you releasing in other regions?

We’re hard at work to expand our services and make this a reality! We want to make sure we get our foundations right and make Utomik Cloud as optimal as possible.

When are you releasing on other devices?

Utomik Cloud is available on Samsung TVs 2021/2022/2023 models, LG Smart TVs 2021/2022/2023 models, and mobile devices with Android 9.0 and up. We are looking into extending our service to other devices and partners in the future; stay tuned!

*On Samsung TVs 2021 models Utomik Cloud is available in the United States and Canada. In all other currently supported countries, Utomik Cloud will be available on Samsung TVs 2021 models by the end of the year.

My question isn't answered here?

You can always contact our support team via support@utomik.com or find us on social media. Our full FAQ page is here.