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Utomik on PC has 1400+ games and Utomik Cloud has 100+ games.

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New games added every month

We are constantly on the lookout for new fun games to add to our library. You’ll always have something new to discover and play.

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Download games to your system

With our smart download technology, you can immediately start playing a game without having to wait to download it completely.

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Choose from a personal subscription, or a family subscription with up to 3 extra users to share with family and friends.

Available games on PC

1400+ games, and more are added every month!

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Windows PC

Download the Utomik app on your PC and start playing right away!

Download Utomik

Requires Windows 10 or a newer version of Windows.


Download Utomik Cloud from your TV’s app store or play it on Samsung Gaming Hub.

Samsung logoLG logo

Only available on select TV models. More information

Mobile device

Download the Utomik Cloud app on your Android phone or tablet.

Get it on Google Play

Available on Android 9 or up. More information

Frequently asked questions

Is Utomik Cloud supported on PC?

Utomik Cloud is currently only available for select TVs and mobile devices. See Cloud supported devices.

Why does Utomik need my credentials?

We need this only for fraud prevention.

What games does Utomik have?

Utomik on PC currently has 1375 games for you to play. You can find our full game list here.

Where can I find more information about Utomik Cloud?

Head on over to the Utomik Cloud page.

My question isn't answered here?

You can always contact our support team via support@utomik.com or find us on social media. Our full FAQ page is here.