Recap of Utomik at Samsung’s CES 2023 panel

January 13, 2023

It has been a great start of the year!

Cloud gaming is here to stay, and Utomik is here to make sure its potential continues to be put to good use. Last week, Utomik’s CEO Doki Tops was invited to join Mike Lucero’s panel at CES 2023 in Las Vegas—the most influential tech event in the world. Together with Samsung and other pioneers of the industry, Tops spoke of the future of cloud gaming. His main takeaways are:

  • Playing directly on a TV is a great experience; users enjoy it thoroughly.
  • Although the experience is well-received, some users are not yet convinced and remain skeptical. As part of the industry and with partners such as Samsung, Utomik is working hard to change this.
  • Cloud is set to become a major part of the gaming landscape. In developing countries such as Brazil, it could even replace consoles entirely. 2023 is going to be the start of consumers embracing this new reality.
  • Cloud will unlock more types of gaming content and power thanks to the benefits of 5G. Utomik is only just scratching the surface of its potential.

In the end, cloud gaming is still relatively new and deserving of all the attention it receives, and Utomik is already making use of its many possibilities. They recently released their cloud gaming platform with a specially chosen selection from their 1400+ game library, including classics such as Metro: Last Light and gems like Coffee Talk and My Time at Portia. 

The Utomik app is the new cloud and cross-platform gaming destination with endless opportunities for gamers. With this, users play games on various platforms—from low-end PCs and laptops to smart TVs and Android devices. Hardware starts to pose less of an obstacle and is turning into a chance. New games on the platform can become part of this collection that is available to all kinds of players on all kinds of devices.

Their cloud service is currently in Early Access while they continue to work on it in order to tweak it and to make it usable in more countries, with more games, and on more platforms.  They are looking out for partners to join them in this adventure.

About Utomik

Utomik is a worldwide gaming subscription service that services both the B2C and the B2B markets with its hybrid gaming platform. The platform delivers an excellent user experience through cloud gaming and fast-download tech, which ensures smooth game performance all over the world. Partners such as Samsung, LG, and Hewlett Packard embrace this progressiveness by adapting Utomik’s services to their products.

Supporting a games library of 1400+ high-quality titles on PC and currently a subset of those for smart TVs and Android devices users in the cloud, the platform appeals to casual and core audiences of all ages. Cloud gaming allows Utomik to offer an accessible gaming experience, allowing people to play whenever and wherever they want.

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